Welcome to Ramp & Wrench, it’s a new idea that we think is right up your alley!

Ramp & Wrench is a workshop that allows you to rent the use of vehicle lifts and tools, for Do-It-Yourself garage servicing in Coventry. In fact, we are the first of our kind anywhere in the Midlands. We’re taking the Self Service Garage to the next level!

As well as this, we supply oils, parts & consumables too, in fact, everything you need to maintain or repair your Car or Motorcycle can be found in our workshop. Think of it as your dream garage!

We think that it’s important for motor vehicle enthusiasts to be able to work on their cars, motorcycles (and anything else with an engine) in comfort, as well as having the back-up to do the job well.

Ever thought about changing your oil, or even your brakes? Well, here at Ramp & Wrench, we can take the time to show you how. If you want to have a go at servicing or doing minor repairs, we can guide you through most mechanical service & repair jobs, so that you learn valuable skills that help to keep the cost of motoring down. In most cases, our time is free for this service, and you’ll be happy and confident in the knowledge that you have the skill to maintain your car.

Quite a few very happy customers have already used our service, here’s what one of them had to say -

‘Just a quick thank you to both of you for your professional service today. The
training on using the car lift was perfect and the coffees were an unexpected bonus!
I have recommended you to my classic Porsche owners club and I do hope the
word spreads and you get plenty of customers for this valuable service.
So nice to work in a clean safe warm environment instead of on your back in the
cold and wet in fear of the axle stands, trolley jack giving way!
Great stuff, and I will return!’

Hope you agree with our idea, and we’d love to see you/your Car/your Motorcycle through the workshop really soon!

See our booking page for details as to how you can join the DIY garage servicing revolution!

In the meantime, why not have a quick look at when Midlands Today came to visit:

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